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As an adolescent, I had several anxious, painful visits to my childhood dentist that left me uneasy in the dentist’s chair.  As a result, as an adult, I avoided the dentist and stopped going completely, in spite of my employer paid dental insurance.  I avoided the dentist for years—too many years.

Sometime later, I was married and made an arrangement with my husband—he would see his doctor if I would see his dentist.  He assured me that his dentist, Dr. Tingzon, and her staff would take good care of me.  He fulfilled his end of the deal; I did not.  More years passed and we had children.  Finally, after realizing that I needed to be a good role model for my children, I made the appointment to see Dr. Tingzon.

My first visit was stressful to me, but Rosemarie and Dr. Tingzon were kind and compassionate.  They were understanding and professional and provided me excellent care in a calm, relaxing environment.  Needless to say, I needed some work on my teeth.  I needed fillings replaced and I needed a crown.  Dr. Tingzon worked to fix my teeth while Trish literally held my hand at first.  After a few visits, Dr. Tingzon and her team had not only taken care of my teeth, but they had erased my anxiety associated with the dentist’s office.

My experiences with Dr. Tingzon’s office have been pain free and comfortable—even relaxing.  I have received an excellent level of care, my smile is more confident, and I no longer have any stress when I visit the dentist.  My children have also been coming to see Dr. Tingzon since they were 3 years old.  The team at Geneva Dental is wonderful with children, as well, and my children have had a very positive experience at the dentist.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Tingzon and her team for their level of compassion and the quality of their care.

~Kelly Gagne

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